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Terms and conditions

These Terms of Service (“Terms”) manage your use of our web pages located at operated by Mark&Prof.

Acceptance of Terms

Welcome to Mark&Prof. Mark&Prof provides its services to you. They may be updated by us from time to time without notice you. Using Mark&Prof services, you shall be subject to our Privacy Policy. You shall provide all the information and data necessary to execute the agreement, including technical data, applications, files, documentation, description of work.

Duration and Termination

The agreement shall enter into force upon the conclusion of the agreement by the parties unless otherwise specified in the agreement. If the agreement is not a continuous performance agreement, the agreement terminates when the obligations are mutually fulfilled according to the agreement. If the agreement is a continuous performance agreement.

If the term of the agreement is not agreed upon, it will have a duration of one (1) year, unless otherwise provided by the nature of the contract. In the latter case, the agreement itself describes when it terminates.

Termination may be caused by the client only if the term of the agreement is at least one (1) year. In case of termination, the customer is obliged to immediately reimburse the expenses incurred by Mark & Prof, without prejudice to the right of Mark & Prof to demand full compensation for losses.

Agreement Execution

The customer is obliged to accept Mark & Prof shipments in accordance with the agreement and ensure the intended cooperation. Taking into account the continuity of tasks performed in accordance with the agreement, the client will appoint one or more persons acting as designated contacts during the term of Mark & Prof within the framework of the agreement.

The client must provide Mark & Prof with all the information and data necessary to fulfill the agreement, including at least the technical data, applications, files, documentation, test data, job descriptions and / or other relevant information, in a timely and free manner.

In case if the information necessary to fulfill the contract is not provided in a timely manner and not in accordance with what is agreed upon, or in the case of the client and / or its suppliers do not fulfill/do not fulfill their obligations, including, but not limited to, insufficient cooperation, Mark & Prof has the right to suspend its obligations without liability for damages.

The delivery dates indicated by Mark & Prof at any time are approximate and should not be construed as solid. The expiration of the delivery period will not lead to a corresponding defect. In this case, the client is not entitled to any compensation or damage.

The client agrees that due to the work, as indicated in the previous paragraph, the expected time of completion of the service or work and the mutual obligations of the client and Mark & Prof. may be affected. In case of additional work (or request), the client does not have the right to terminate or terminate the contract

Prices, Rates, Invoicing and Payments

For the performance of services or duties outside working hours, an additional fee is indicated in the agreement, or, if this is not so, which can be agreed upon later. Unless otherwise agreed, all invoices must be paid by the client within 21 (twenty-one days) days after the invoice date. If Mark & Prof has not received the payment within the above period, Mark&Prof will notify the customer of the non-payment. In this case, the payment obligation must be fulfilled by the client within the period as indicated in the above notification.

Complaints alleging incorrect invoices or alleged deficiencies must be notified within ten (10) days after the date of the invoice or performance of the contract in a written break. After these ten (10) days of the right to complain, misses.

Unless otherwise agreed, Mark & Prof will invoice the agreed amounts monthly in advance if the nature of the agreement is a continuous operation agreement (i.e. hosting and maintenance).

Taxes for any Services

The total purchase price, including sales taxes, will be indicated in the buyer's basket before paying for the order.

Mark & Prof’ contributions to the provision of the Services will be based on the schedule of payments valid at the time of the work. Mark & Prof reserves the right to update prices on the website and add, change or cancel the services offered without prior notice. Mark & Prof is not responsible for changes to any product or service, or for refusal or inability to process an order.

Mark & Prof will not pay interest for any money held on behalf of the Client or the Organization.

Copyright © Mark&Prof. All rights reserved

Copyright © Mark&Prof. All rights reserved